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How to nominate

Nominators must complete Part A of the nomination form. The nominator will also act as referee for the nominee (potential Young Tourism Leader) and ensure that the nominee meets the eligibility and selection requirements (see the Young Tourism Leaders Guidelines for more information). Part A asks for:

Camping image
Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland Gold Coast, Queensland
  • the nominator's details
  • the nominee's details
  • why the nominator thinks the nominee should be a Young Tourism Leader? (answered in a 150 word paragraph).

Once the nominator has submitted Part A, the nominee will receive an email informing them they have been nominated to become a Young Tourism Leader and providing them with a link to Part B of the nomination form. Part B asks for:

  • the nominee's details
  • why the nominee loves working in the Queensland tourism industry? (this can be answered in a 150 word paragraph or in a 1 minute video)
  • a brief biography on the nominee
  • the nominee's resume (and LinkedIn profile if they have one)
  • a self-image of the nominee (head and shoulders).

The nominee is responsible for completing Part B of the nomination form.

Fill out Part A of the nomination form to nominate someone today! Nominations close 26 July 2019.

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