Zac Garven

Empire Apartment Hotel and Edge Apartment Hotel

Zac enjoyed a diverse career before following his strong passion for tourism marketing.

Previously he worked in business development and sales, radio marketing, broadcasting and advertising before developing his career in hotel management where he now holds the exciting role of Tourism, Marketing, and Business Development Manager for the Empire Apartment and Edge Apartment hotels in Rockhampton.

Zac’s contribution to the tourism industry has been recognised by his selection for the Southern Great Barrier Reef Destination Leaders Program, and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council’s Young Professionals Mentoring Program.

“At the very core of a great tourism experience is feeling welcome and living like a local.”

Zac Garven

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Zac is an experienced tourism manager with a history of working in business development, sales, radio and broadcasting. This has led him to a career in hotel management, with two hotel properties in Rockhampton.

Skilled in marketing management, negotiation, market planning, business planning, and advertising, Zac exudes enthusiasm for the tourism industry, and for promoting the diverse tourism products in the Rockhampton and Capricorn region.

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