Stacie Fogarty

Dreamworld Corroboree
Gold Coast

During and following high school, Stacie had the opportunity to undertake work experience in schools, learning centres and aged care before deciding on a career in tourism which enabled her to combine her skills and passion for engaging with people with promoting her Indigenous culture.

Stacie joined Dreamworld Corroboree in 2013 and has risen through the ranks to a supervisory role as a Senior Indigenous Officer. She represents and teaches her culture to people from all around the world and shares her knowledge and stories with them to provide a unique visitor experience. Stacie also has responsibility for a range of operational issues and staff mentoring.

Stacie enjoys creating Indigenous paintings and artefacts. Her paintings have been sent all around the world and one of her artistic boomerangs hangs in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace.

Stacie is also committed to assisting young people with their personal development through mentoring and supporting Indigenous school students.

"I am the result of my ancestors, Therefore I will always be strong."

Stacie Fogarty

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After undertaking previous training programs in information technology, sports coaching and hospitality, Stacie is now studying a dual diploma in Tourism and Hospitality management. She has extensive experience in delivering Indigenous cultural tourism experiences and has a passion for engaging with young people through mentoring and volunteering with indigenous students.

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Stacie Fogarty Stacie Fogarty Connect
Stacie Fogarty Stacie Fogarty

Stacie Fogarty

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