Julia Paussa

Coast Bar and Restaurant
Hervey Bay

After a holiday back in her hometown of Hervey Bay, Julia realised there was a big gap in the market for exceptional dining experiences. The idea of bringing all she had learnt from her decade of experience in the hospitality industry back to Hervey Bay was something that ignited passion and excitement.

In December 2010 COAST RESTAURANT AND BAR opened its doors. Its sharing menu was designed around using the best produce on offer from the Fraser Coast. The restaurant was immediately a hit with locals and tourists from around the world.

Julia prides herself on building a successful and passionate team of people. Now in 2017 COAST RESTAURANT AND BAR has gone from strength to strength and has cemented its reputation as one of Queensland’s best regional restaurants.

“Do what you love and a great life will follow.”

Julia Paussa

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With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, Julia is a genius when it comes to building a business from the inside out. Vastly skilled in business development, management, leadership and hospitality, Julia has made a name for herself in the restaurant world. To find out more about Julia, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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