Joanna Kliskey

The Johnson Hotel

While studying overseas, Joanna worked in a bar in Edinburgh and the experience inspired her to pursue an entirely new career path. She then moved to Melbourne and starting working for the Art Series Hotel Group in Melbourne before moving north as a pre-opening team for The Johnson.

Promoted to Executive Assistant Manager last year, Joanna is excited about working in Brisbane. Joanna believes the river city holds much promise with ongoing growth in tourism and the hotel and conferencing industries.

Joanna is excited about having the opportunity to influence change in an industry highlighted for future growth.


With a degree in Biological Sciences, Joanna has diverged into a career in hospitality. After working for the Art Series Hotel Group in Melbourne, Joanna moved to Brisbane, staying with the organisation and starting the role of Executive Assistant Manager at the Johnson Hotel. Joanna is excited about the tourism and hospitality in Queensland and hopes to have the opportunity to influence change in areas that are important for future growth.

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