Jackie Babbage

Riverlife Group

Jackie’s Business Marketing and Digital Media double degree incorporated her interest in business and her love for branding and design.

She entered the tourism industry while at university, working with the Gold Coast Adventure Travel Group and promoting the Gold Coast as a travel destination to youth around the world.

Now, Jackie has an exciting career as the Brand Manager for the Riverlife Group, developing marketing strategies and brand awareness for all of the Riverlife brands, including Riverlife, Northshore Harbour, Tangatours, Adventure Moreton Island, Walkabout Creek Adventures, Story Bridge Climb and P&O Edge.

Jackie is also a co-founder of NoExpiry, a Brisbane-based startup specialising in gifting tourism experiences worldwide.

“You won’t realise your full potential by playing it safe. Take risks, work hard and be creative!”

Jackie Babbage

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Having studied business and digital media, Jackie’s strengths lie in digital marketing, design and strategy development, which has led to her current role as Brand Manager for the Riverlife Group, which offers diverse tourism experiences.

Jackie is passionate about business identity, branding and design and thrives on the development of new innovative business practices and products.

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