Brooke Santurini

Gold Coast SUNS
Gold Coast

The convergence of sport and tourism is well demonstrated through Brooke’s exciting career journey.

After completing a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and Management, Brooke launched her career in tourism as a sales executive at the Gold Coast Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa.

She went on to become a marketing executive for Gold Coast Tourism, and now works as Brand and Marketing Manager for the Gold Coast SUNS, specialising in multichannel marketing campaigns.

Keen to contribute to developing the tourism industry and encouraging tourism career opportunities, Brooke is also the president of Women in Tourism Gold Coast, and a mentor at Griffith University.

“Take opportunities and proactively seek them - jump out of your comfort zone.”

Brooke Santurini

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A marketing professional skilled in a range of media, with experience in entertainment, sports, events and destination tourism, Brooke is passionate about contributing to the growth of the tourism sector and promoting tourism career opportunities.

She’s had an exciting career spanning hospitality and regional tourism, which has led to her current marketing role at the Gold Coast SUNS.

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