Adam Balkin

Curtis Ferry Services

Adam is a results driven and self-motivated tourism business owner.

He started his career in tourism as a deckhand with Curtis Ferry Services and worked his way up through a variety of roles before grasping the opportunity to use his entrepreneurial talent to start his own business, AB Marine Services.

Now, he is also the proud owner and manager of Curtis Ferry Services, which he has developed into a premier provider of tours and visitor experiences to the Coral Cay Islands off the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Adam enjoys meeting new guests and seeing them enjoy the experiences his company provides. He also enjoys the opportunity to continually improve tourism experiences in his region.

“Opportunities don’t come along often, so don’t be afraid to have a go.”

Adam Balkin

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Following training in many facets of maritime services, and working his way up through roles in the industry, Adam’s entrepreneurial skills have led him to establish his own business.

Now he is the owner of Curtis Ferry Services, and provides visitor experiences to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. His focused business direction has ensured the company’s growth.

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