Tourism the career opportunities are endless

Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland Vlasoff Cay, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

There’s never been a better time to launch a career in tourism. From hotels, resorts, transport and travel, tourist attractions and adventure tours – the possibilities are endless to build a successful, lifelong career.

Job opportunities range far and wide to include media and marketing specialists, graphic designers, business managers, developers, hospitality roles, tour guides, pilots, flight attendants, cruise industry jobs, boat captains, finance specialists, travel agents and event managers.

With global tourism growth breaking records and Queensland’s tourism industry growing strongly, it’s never been a better time to work in tourism.

Over 20,000 new jobs are expected to be created in Queensland’s tourism industry by 2020. An industry that is worth $23 billion and supports over 200,000 jobs.

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Kate Jones, Minister for Tourism & Major Events

Working in tourism is a ticket to see the world.


The Young Tourism Leaders Program shows what an amazing lifelong career you can have in the tourism industry.

Enjoy working in an industry that brings exciting opportunities and inspires you every day.

Our Leaders are role models working in the industry and offer great advice to get your foot in the door. Meet our leaders below and connect with them on social media.

You can also nominate a role model that works in the industry and wants to make a difference to young people.


Norman Jenkin Norman Jenkin

Norman Jenkin

Adam O’Malley Adam O’Malley

Adam O’Malley

Bradley Illich Bradley Illich

Bradley Illich

Ashleigh Taylor Ashleigh Taylor

Ashleigh Taylor

Sarah Austin Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin

Nikki Dudley Nikki Dudley

Nikki Dudley

Caitlin Fullerton Caitlin Fullerton

Caitlin Fullerton

Hannah Briggs Hannah Briggs

Hannah Briggs

Rachel Dudok Rachel Dudok

Rachel Dudok

Julia Paussa Julia Paussa

Julia Paussa